Founded in 2015 as a Writing Class, Gram Media Lab is a bootcamp/ workshop that provides highly specialized short-term courses in Writing, Filming, Photography and Animation.

This year, the Lab will running an  intensive program for 15 weeks for  writers who are committed to completing a novel, memoir, short story, or essay collection, Film or photography collection. Whether starting a first draft, or working through a new revision, this program is appropriate for budding writers and Film producers or photographers.

The Lab offers on demand flexible courses that focus on individuals who are passionate about their craft, and want to perfect it by seeking professional help in order to finesse their final product.

After going through the program successfully, we turn ourselves into a “submissions and revisions” group, and help connect your completed material/ manuscript to publishers or online platforms where you can publish.

The program is run by Gram Media Ltd, a media and communication consultancy company that runs the Nairobi Cool and Nairobi Review and Gram TV.

By the end of the workshop/ bootcamp , we intend to publish an anthology of the best of the attendees’ compositions essays/ short stories.Part of the workshop; the process includes opportunities for to both self assess their work , and that of others.