1.     Creative

(Fiction and Nonfiction)

Whether you want to write that great best-selling novel, or a great non-fiction book, maybe some investigative piece of work, maybe that motivational book, the course takes you through 13 weeks of intense reading, research, learning from the masters of the trade. In the process, there is a lot of writing, editing, rewriting until you understand the rules of the game, what works and how you can break the rules and get away with it.

2.   Opinion Writing

How do you write a provocative opinion piece? Whether your subject is a bland as the topic of environment, or as exciting as the unending gender debates, the 10-week course will expose to some of the best strategies that great world columnists in the world have used to pen their authoritative, humorous, informative columns that are the backbone of any newspaper and magazine journalism.

3.   Journalism Basics

Maybe you are a freelance journalist with no formal training. Maybe you are a young upstart, and you want to understand the basics of journalism such as how to develop a nose for news, how to write news articles, how to get ideas on what to write, how to pitch and sell stories, locally and internationally, this 13-week course (39-hours) will get you started.

4. Humour Writing

Humour is irresistible. Humour is universal. Anyone with a gift of humour already has a good start to life; in dating, in making friends, in making a good career in writing, comedy, script writing, drama, as a motivational speaker, as an MC…the opportunities are endless.

This 10-week course (30 hours) will teach/guide you on how to furnish your humour, make it more intellectual, sustainable, and how to survive in the age of unrelenting Political Correctness.

5.   Script Writing for Film

The Kenyan film scene is growing and so there will be a constant need creative screenwriter. There are so many local stories to be told. But they need to be told well. This course focuses on what makes a good script sell.

6. Animation

The course exposes the student to the concepts of animation, creation of character, storyboards and basic animation production. It also exposes the student to both traditional and electronically image sequencing. Students will learn design, storyboarding, stop-motion and character animation.

The course will equip students with fundamental skills to produce traditional animation and the knowledge of the principles of animation to be built upon in subsequent courses leading up to specialization courses.

7. Photography

This course will equip beginners with camera basics, camera operation, exposure, aperture and shutter speeds, depth of field, lenses, lighting, smart phone photography, steady shooting, as well photo editing with Adobe Lightroom.

This 10-week (30-hour course) will teach you about the intricate details of professional photography, how to train your eye for a good shot, lighting, how the camera can bring out what your eyes see.


The course will equip the student with both shooting and editing skills. The shooting aspect focusses on camera settings, equipment, lighting, composition, and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Ideal for freelance videographers and those who work in fields such as wedding photographers, photojournalist, events photographers and even rookies who want to perfect their skills.

10. Film

Students will be exposed to the five components of film making: cinematography, directing, producing, production design and post-production. 

Language Tutorials

Language presently offered: Mandarin and French.